ESAC Planetary GIS Workshop 2015


The ESA's Planetary GIS workshop was  held on May 5-7 2015 at the ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Madrid, Spain. During this workshop the following broad areas were presented and discussed:

  • scientific needs and use cases (existing, new, cross-disciplinary);
  • existing technical solutions;
  • open problems and areas suitable to improvement.

In line with the identified areas and topics above, the objectives of the workshop include to:

  • Evaluate state-of-art in mapping and visualization of geospatial data for planetary applications
  • Create awareness on scientific use cases and technologies suitable for future development
  • Assess geospatial mapping community and capacity building at european level
  • Set the base for possible open, collaborative, community-driven planetary data exploitation
  • Use geospatial standards, approach and tools for non-traditional applications (e.g. atmospheres, plasmas, etc.)
  • Discuss and develop use cases for cross-disciplinary mapping and science

Over 80 participants from over 40 institutions in 12 countries (including USA, Russia and China) joined the workshop, mainly from the surface-science sub-community (geology, geography and cartography, ~80%), the  atmospheric-science community (~10%), and from magnetospheric and plasma physics (~10%).

The PlanetServer / EarthServer service case has been presented by Angelo Pio Rossi, in the PlanetServer/EarthServer: planetary data exploration and exploitation through array databases session.