Meteorology and climate service

The meteorology and climate service will be developed by ECMWF. Currently ECMWF provides a basic web interface to its Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS) to offer users access to over 50 Petabytes of operational and research data, as well as data from special projects. While this is much used and appreciated by users, researchers from the meteorological and other domains struggle with the conventions and formats the service provides. This has prevented many users from taking full advantage of the archive. Starting with the reanalysis data sets of ERA-15, ERA-40, ERA-CLIM and ERA-Interim ECMWF will offer access to the archive through OGC WCS and WCPS services. Alone the ERA-CLIM data set is more than one Petabyte in size. These data sets were generated as part of various EU funded/supported projects and are ideally suited to a wider community.

Besides the meteorological community, the data sets are aimed at operators of satellite services for calibration and verification, and various other domains interested in climate data. There is strong interest in the field of oceanography, and local governments could make use of climate data to help provide services.