rasdaman gmbh

Research spinoff rasdaman GmbH has been established for giving comm¬ercial support to the rasdaman Array Database technology. Founder and CEO of this Bremen based SME is Peter Baumann (secondary employ¬ment to his occu¬p¬ation as Pro¬fessor at JUB ). Among rasdaman’s customers are Deutscher Wetterdienst / DE, VITO / BE, and UK MetOffice. The com¬pany is member of the German delegation to ISO and editor of the forth¬coming ISO 9075 Part 15: SQL/MDA (Multi-Dim¬ens¬ion¬al Arrays).
In 2008, rasdaman GmbH has disclosed large parts of its product to establish the open-source ras¬da-man community version in parallel to the commercial rasdaman enterprise version, adopting a dual-licensing model. Downward compatible rasdaman enterprise comprises high¬ly effective per-formance boosters, extra functionality, and convenience utilities. For both versions the com¬pany off-ers support, devel¬op¬ment, and maintenance.
Through its close collaboration with JUB – for example, in the further dev¬elop¬ment of the open-source rasdaman – the company has continuous access to young high-profile software developers.


  • Workpackage Leader of WP6 (Networking & Exploitation)
  • Contribute to technology development & service partner support