Jacobs University

Jacobs University is a highly selective, international, re¬sid¬ential university situated in Bremen, Germany, with currently 1300+ students from 109 nations. Language of in¬struct¬ion and for all campus commun¬ication, therefore, is English. Ex¬cell¬ence and trans¬dis¬cip¬lin¬arity, diversity and community, leadership and values are the pillars of a Jacobs education. Estab¬lish¬ed in 1999 by the State of Bremen as a private, independent university re¬gistered as a not-for-profit organization (gGmbH), three major entities facilitated its founding: the city-state of Bremen, Uni¬v¬ersity of Bremen, Rice University in Houston, Texas. The New York Times charact¬erized Jacobs University as “German elite uni¬versity”. Regularly, JUB is placed top in university rankings like CHE. Big Data analytics is a key component of the core areas of JUB: Diversity, Mobility and Health.

The role of Jacobs University in the project is multifold:

•    Project coordination
•    Workpackage Leader of WP5 (Standardization)
•    Contribute to technology development & service partner support
•    Contribute Planetary Science service (www.planetserver.eu) to services activity
•    Contribute to (scientific) networking & outreach